Floor Grinders

Floor Grinders

Understanding A to Z of Floor Grinders

A concrete grinder can come in many configurations, the most common being a hand-held Angle grinder, but it may be a specialized tool for counter tops or worktops. There are also purpose-built floor grinders that are used for grinding and polishing marble, granite and concrete.

Most concrete floors are smooth and flat. Some are polished to a high shine. They can be indoors or outdoors. There are times when a floor is uneven or damaged in some way and it will need to be repaired. Floor grinders are used to repair damaged surface and level uneven joints as well as polishing and smoothing surfaces.

Understanding the Basics of Floor Grinders

There are various types of floor grinders that use rotating disks to smooth, level, or clean a concrete surface. The average size of a floor grinder is about the size of a standard vacuum cleaner, but the difference is the size of the disk. Some grinders use single disk; then there are some dual disks, and even four disks grinders.  When the disks are in rotation, they remove a small amount of surface, usually less than 1/16 inch of the floor with a coarse disk. In addition to repairing and polishing concrete, floor grinders are also used to remove glue and paint as well as preparing the concrete for glue and paint.

Some Models of Floor Grinders:

Next, there are wet and dry floor grinders. Wet grinders use water as a lubricant for the machine and disks as well as controlling dust. Some models have a vacuum port to pick up water at the same time while grinding the floor. Dry grinders do not use water. Instead, the machine keeps the dust inside a container on the machine, also by the use of a vacuum. Care must be taken as concrete dust has silica particles which can damage lungs.

The most common floor grinder is the walk behind model which a person pushes the grinder while controlling the speed and direction. These models have between 1 and 6 disks. Then there are ride on floor grinders. These are commonly used to polish large floor areas found in warehouses, and shopping centers. Depending on the size and model of floor grinders, they can be powered by gas, propane, or electricity.

Operating a floor grinder requires the use of safety equipment such eye goggles, respirator, and ear protection. Floor grinders have different features that it is important to understand the type of machine used for the safety of everyone who will be near the job.

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