Floor Cleaning: Methodology and It’s Importance

floor cleaning products

Cleaning! Oh yes, the most tedious job of all times. It may sound easy to clean each and every thing around us, as we don’t carry every other cleaning activity, because we have a helping hand called as ‘maid’. Let’s imagine a day without the helping hand. So we’ve to deal with different stuffs which includes various floor cleaning products and believe me, as a matter of fact we’ve to deal with a lot of dust too.
No type of flooring material is truly maintenance free, and the same holds true for decorative concrete. While concrete floors are relatively easy to care for when compared with other types of flooring (especially carpet), they do require regular attention.

A. Concrete Hardener: Residential concrete floors experience light foot traffic, and a simple occasional sweeping and damp mopping will keep them looking like new for many years. Protecting concrete floors with a good film-forming sealer and a coat of floor finish or wax will make them even more resistant to stains, chemicals and abrasion. In these cases, we use concrete hardener or concrete cleaning chemicals.

B. Polished Floor Cleaners: Polishing floors is just for extra cleaning and shinning purpose. But it’s still an important part when it comes to cleaning. Polishing can be carried out twice a year as it has a long lasting effect. Instructions before polishing the floor:

i. Remove all furniture and belongings in the room. Clear the area. If possible, use furniture pads to help protect the floor from accidental scratches and gouges.
ii. Make sure the floor is completely dry before applying the polish. If necessary, discreetly test the polish on a small portion of the floor.
iii. Make sure you have all the right tools. Polishes can be applied with an applicator pad or a high-density foam roller. Check the polish instructions to make sure you have all that you need to finish the job.

C. Floor Cleaning Products: The easy way to clean the house is via various cleaning products. Using certain spray for cleaning glass materials, detergent or chemical liquid to mop the floor, using duster to dust various spots or the best solution of using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners only help for the dust part, other activities includes dealing with various chemical products and a cleaning kit.
Well, this makes you realize what cleaning actually is?And what our maids go through periodically. But, having various cleaning products make the work easy as less effort is required. In the end, use of various products, hardeners and cleaners is essential and every house on this globe must have them for a clean and safe living space.