Find out about Diamond Cup Wheels!

Diamond Cup Wheels

Whether you aim to grind, shape, flatten or smooth the floor, Diamond cup wheels can fit in various application requirements. Diamond cup wheels, is a metal bonded diamond tool which are used for grinding abrasive building materials like concrete, granite and marble, and also allows superior coatings removal. Diamond cup wheels have a unique cup-shape, and are welded with different kinds of diamond segments on steel or other metals such as aluminum. These diamond grinding cup wheels can be made for grinding or polishing granite, marble, natural stone, masonry materials, concrete etc. with different diamond grits. There are varied types of diamond grinding cup wheels which has their different properties.

Various Applications and its Uses

These diamond cup wheels should be used depending on the nature and hardness of the work material on which one is going to use it on. The hardness of the metal bond of these diamond cup wheels can be customized according to the hardness of the work material. There is a wide range of its uses which includes everything from simple form clean-up all the way to concrete polishing, rough surface grinding and cutting to floor edge grinding and concrete polishing. To cover more square feet in less time with less effort, one can make use of floor edge grinders and floor scrubbing machine, which are one of the best surfacing and polishing equipment.

The light weight design of diamond cup wheels and its varied range of sizes ensure fast surface grinding with high efficiency. These diamond cup wheels can be used wet or dry. For instance, if the concrete is hard, the metallic bond of diamond cup wheel should be soft. One should always use harder bond on softer work piece or material because diamonds will last longer when grinding softer more abrasive concrete. The harder bonds of diamond cup wheels usually keeps the diamonds last longer because harder bonds keeps its wear and tear slower, so the diamonds are not unnecessarily wasted shortening the life of the diamond cup wheels.

Different styles of diamond cup wheels

Though, there are numerous types of diamond cup wheels which vary in its sizes and different segments for work related to surfacing and polishing. Diamond cup wheels include different segments cup wheels such as turbo cup wheels, arrow segment cup wheels, spiral cup wheels etc. Here are the three main types of Diamond Grinding cup wheels which differentiate in its array of applications and uses.

Take a look:

  • Grinding cup wheels
  • Coatings removal plus grinding
  • Coating removal cup wheels

There is a wide variety of different styles and configuration cup wheels to cover all grinding applications and surface preparation needs. Pick diamond cup wheel according to the work piece and its quality to attain its best performance!