Epoxy Coatings, Burnishing Pads, and Chemical Hardeners – Concrete Floor Enhancers

Epoxy Coatings, Burnishing Pads, and Chemical Hardeners - Concrete Floor Enhancers

Polished Concrete Floors need to be protected against the everyday use and abuse. Special floor coatings and chemicals are used to enhance the appeal and toughen concrete floors. Floors with thin film coatings are not only expensive but will wear out fast depending on the degree of abuse it suffers every day. Especially in places like Storage Rooms, Garages, and Factories, chemical hardeners and Epoxy Coatings are applied to make the floor resistant against wear and tear and to make it visually appealing. The following three are floor enhancers that enhance the appearance of and strengthen Concrete Floors.

Floor Burnishing Pad

Floor Burnishing Pads are heavy-duty Floor scrubbing pads that will aggressively wet strip and eliminate all old wax and dirt to complete redo your Floor and give it a whole new finish. They usually have a 3-inch wide hole centered on the pad and can be used with electric floor machines and auto scrubbers of up to 350 RPM. It is designed with a unique open construction that will totally repel loading and clogging. Floor Burnishing Pads will wipe out all traces of old coatings leaving your floor fresh for re coating. There is Diamond coated Floor Burnishing Pads available that can clean and polish Marble, Terrazzo, Slate, and Concrete floors to perfection.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Floor Coatings will transform your dull cement floor into a whole new stylish looking floor. Epoxy Floor Coatings are best suited for garage floors where less expensive flooring is required. But they are also used in Commercial Buildings and you can choose from different colors, blends, and hues of your choice. Epoxy Floor Coating is not a Paint Coating but a thermos setting resin coating resulting in a much thicker and well bonded Floor Coating. Epoxy Coated floors are highly durable and resilient against impacts, chipping, chemicals, stains, and surface abrasion. It is also moisture resistant and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water.

Chemical Floor Hardeners

Chemical Floor Hardeners, as the name clearly suggests are chemicals that make concrete floors hard and exceptionally resistant to abrasions and impact. They also resist sparking when the floor is hit with a metallic object. Chemical Floor Hardeners are used in places like Flammable Product Storage, Ammunition Factories, Hangars, Textile Factories, Electronic Factories, Paper Mills, and Printing Houses where anti-spark and anti-static flooring is required. They are a clear silicate liquid that is mixed with water to harden concrete floors. They consist of a special chemically reactive raw material formula that will improve abrasion resistance and durability of a concrete surface.