Dust Shroud – Keeping It Clean!


Usually, when we use angle grinders to cut or grind, it ends up with the entire place getting covered in dust, making the entire ordeal of cleaning and maintenance seem like an uphill task. However, there are certain tools and machines that help in reducing the spread of dust, one of them being a dust shroud for grinders.
A dust shroud for grinders is like a chamber that’s built around the abrasive thatdust shroud helps in capturing the dust particles that is being generated by the tool at that given point in time; all of this being done with the assistance of a vacuum. Most of the dust shrouds seal the shroud from the base or the surface itself, but once the vacuum is turned on, the shroud can turn suction- like which may lock or stick itself to the surface, thereby causing complete damage.
A dust shroud for grinders is ideally used by moving it on top and around the place where the tile or the flooring is to be removed. The process, too, is simple- just switch it on, and move it in or around the place where you want to start off with the work. You will see that in no time, the grinder would cut or remove the part or area of the flooring, leaving the floor smooth and polished; but with absolutely no dirt sticking on to the machine. This is because the shroud creates a vortex of the moving air all around the area surrounding the shroud that removes the problem of the suction lock, and taking in almost 95% of the dust that’s being generated.
Using a dust shroud for grinders also includes various health benefits, the first one being that it helps in preventing the silicosis of the lungs. This is a great advantage, especially for those who use these tools as part of their profession, as most of the dust, dirt, and debris are absorbed by using these dust shrouds. Not only that, dust shrouds come in two sizes- 7” and 4” depending on the size of the angle grinder.
Thus, a dust shroud for grinders is designed in a way that makes the work done easily and quickly, with no harmful effects; along with letting you get as close as 1/16th of an inch close to the wall, without having the need for a removable edge piece.
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