Do not eat these foods during pregnancy!


New Delhi: Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases that happens in a woman’s life. Not only our body changes during pregnancy, but also the way we think and feel about ourselves see changes in many ways. One should be very careful of the foods they eat during this period to facilitate a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Here are some of the food one should not consume during the pregnancy:

Raw eggs

Pregnant women should not eat undercooked food. They should avoid raw eggs or foods with raw eggs in them, like homemade mayonnaise.

Drumstick Tree

Drumstick is the most dangerous food as it can lead to miscarriage in early pregnancy. As it contains alpha-sitosterol, with an estrogen-like structure that can lead to miscarriage, it is not good for pregnant women.
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Aloe Vera

Expected mothers should not eat or drink anything that includes aloe vera as it can lead to pelvic haemorrhage which can further cause a miscarriage.


One should not eat papaya, and especially green papaya during pregnancy as is believed to cause miscarriage. As green papaya contains an enzyme which can cause uterine contractions, it can lead to miscarriage.


Do not consume this fruit during the first three months of your pregnancy as it contains bromelain, which can make uterine muscle smooth and thus lead to miscarriage.


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