Distribution Marketing Job in Doha,Qatar

Job in Doha

Merch & Partners Co.
Location: Doha, Qatar
Ref: RP298-03

Job description / Role

Responsible for managing the distribution operations and functions within an organization. Conduct market research to learn about the demand for different goods. Convince retailers to carry their products.

Determine what goods sell best to commercial businesses and consumers. Ensure inventory maintains optimal levels. Decide appropriate quantities of items to stock. Visit retailers to demonstrate products. Negotiate contracts and prices.


With wide experience in FMCG. Needs to have excellent organizational and leadership skills. Must be able to communicate well with others and have the ability to assign and delegate duties. Needs to motivate staff members and have strong problem-solving abilities. Have computer skills.

• Bachelors Degree in Business Administration – Marketing, Economics, Statistics.
• Bilingual language (Arabic & English)
• Preferably with MBA degree

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About the Company

MERCH was established in 1978 in Doha – Qatar with its line of business in the distribution and marketing of perfumeries, cosmetics, skin care, fast moving consumer goods, fashion and retail sectors.

MERCH at present has two stores-one on Salwa Road with a total space of 1300 square meters and another at The Mall with total space of 1720 square meters and totally new look and luxurious image.

For the last 30+ years of business, MERCH expertise in distribution paved the way to earn the reputation of being one of the leading distributors of luxurious brands. It is the result of our dedicated service to our valued customers by providing them sophisticated and quality products for their luxurious lifestyle.


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