Different Types Of Concrete Cleaning Chemical And Their Uses

Concrete Cleaning Chemical

When it comes to clean the concrete, you realize that it’s not a usual job like moping a floor, after all it’s a hard material and you don’t need a delicate accessories but strong concrete cleaning chemical solution for it.

Cleaning concrete surely extends the lifespan of the floor as well as enhances the beauty of it. It is difficult to tell when the concrete needs cleaning, but once the cleaning is done you can notice the visible change on it.

There are different types of concrete cleaning chemicals available and each of it has a different USP to offer. Not all cleaning chemicals go well on the slab of the concrete, each has its own procedure and to avoid damaging the surface it is important to know which to use.

Below Are Different Types of Concrete Cleaners

Acidic Concrete Cleaners

These cleaners are primarily used to remove dirt, stains, and contamination that are soluble in acidic solutions. They are extremely effective in removing efflorescence – an insoluble metallic salt which is like a white powder appearing on the concrete surface. It doesn’t clean with a splash of water, hence acidic cleaners are used.

The chemical cleaner is available in both ready to use and concentrated form which can be applied directly to the contaminated area. For stubborn stains, sometimes scrubbing is needed. Consider using a sealer for the prevention of future formation of alkaline.

Alkaline Concrete Cleaners

The cleaner is widely used to eradicate oil, grease, or other hydrocarbon-based stains in concrete. The high percentage of alkalinity of these cleanerblends and breaks down the oily contamination. The other application for alkaline cleaners is to neutralize concrete surfaces after acid staining or acid cleaning

The usual mistake while using alkaline cleaners is that it doesn’t gives enough time to work on. Depending on the type and depth of the oil stain, multiple applications may be necessary, with each being allowed to work for a few hours to get acceptable results. Another important step when using alkaline cleaners is to “lift” the oil stain out of the concrete once the stain has been emulsified.

Bacterial Concrete Cleaners

The newest types of concrete cleaners are those that use organic chemistry and active enzymes to attack, break down, and in some cases digest stains and contamination. They are also known as oxidation cleaners.Usually, these are formulated ones which are known treat specific soils, such as stiff stains, hydrocarbon stains, and protein stains. For e.g. eliminating pet urine stains on concrete is a common problem.

Foremost advantage to use these types of cleaners is that it doesn’t require water for activation, hence; there is little or no deposit to clean. The enzyme or bacteria simply consumes the contamination until it’s gone.

Specialty Concrete Cleaners

Specialty concrete cleaners are known to remove only specific types of contamination and require blending 2 or more other cleaner types with it. For e.g. these includes rust removing non-acid-based efflorescence removers. These products can be hard to find, and have found that their success varies depending on environmental conditions.

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