Diamond Cup Wheels- As Concrete Floor Grinder

Diamond Cup Wheels

Diamond grinding cup wheel is a diamond tool bonded with metal and diamond segments are welded along or a cold –pressed metal wheel body, which appears in cup shape. These diamond grinding cup wheels are normally used to break down heavy building material blocks like concrete, granite and marble.

This diamond cup wheels are designed for various tasks with different segments. The one with many big diamond segments are used for heavy loaded work like grinding stone and concrete, while with lesser segment diamond cup wheel are used to remove paints, glues, wallpapers etc.

There are verity of bonds in diamond segments of diamond grinding cup wheel, different diamond grits, quality of diamond and the diamond concentration to fit for different uses. For example, for the harder grinding use the soft bond.

Diamond cup wheel are used to grind different roughness materials. For rough grinding, use the soft bond and the quality of the diamond should be higher because there is chance of diamond to lose its sharpness. In hard grinding bigger grit will help to improve work efficiency.

For fine grinding or for soft grinding the bond should be coarse and the quality of the diamond should be lower. In this the concentration of the diamond should be higher to get more work efficiency.

The effect of diamond cup wheel is depending upon the usage and there are main indicators like grinding efficiency, processing quality and service life. Electroplated diamond grinding wheel is used in the world to grind the edge of the stone. This consumes lot of energy, noise pollution etc. in the process of production. As the modern manufacturing industry develops this kind of traditional stone edge grinding tool is facing lot of issues and challenges.

Brazing low noise diamond grinding wheel made out of two materials like epoxy matrix and steel substrate. With the help of this inbuilt structure it will help to grind and provide required shape to the hard concrete material. This can happen only if the Epoxy resin is allowed to control the grinding device.

The combination in brazing helps in the reduction of weight of grinding tools and energy consumption. It also helps to decreases the noise pollution, reduces the vibration in the working process and also minimizes the damage caused to operator.

Diamond grinding wheels are mainly used for grinding, shaping, flattening or softening the particular stone implementation. Xtreme polishing system (XPS) store offers diamond grinding cup wheels and shaping wheels which comes in verity of dimension, grits and position. The product line which you notice in our store helps to reduce chipping and will fix the shape and size of the fabricator to fight tightly in the corner and to obtain smooth and unblemished finish.

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