Design Manager Job in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

riyadh job

Rafal Real Estate

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Ref: RP289-08

Job description / Role

Concepts :
• Bring fresh ideas to the team that are project-appropriate
• Develop vignettes and hand sketches of architectural ideas that work in the space and meet intended design goals;
• Produce concept boards of images which capture the intended look and attitude and that reflect branding and positioning with architecture, color, finish materials, and lighting
• Select in-budget materials and finishes that support the concepts
• Consistently incorporate scale and balance, designing elements that ‘fit’ the space for maximum impact
• Distinguish and consider the needs of different styles and looks, and deliver those styles without letting personal preferences impact choices
• Design holistically, not just segmentally, so that spaces flow consistently, areas tie together for maximum impact,
• Regularly follow trends in hotels, architecture, and interior design so that own work and ideas are of an ‘international caliber and level of sophistication, and in order to incorporate the latest technology and operational needs
Implementation :
• Ensure quality and efficiency for assigned tasks and deliverables
• Actively work on high-level tasks and deliverables for multiple projects simultaneously
• Produce sets of production documents in design development
• Maintain a daily task list for assigned projects discussing time allotments, schedules, and delegations
• Assist project teams to ensure delays are adequately documented and mitigated
• Prepare for regular project team meetings pertaining to project tasks, deliverables, and milestones
• Communicate, subcontractors, and architects
• Incorporate finish materials, their required applications, and their installation requirements into drawings and plans
• Verify that applicable building codes are satisfactorily addressed
• Apply knowledge of the major manufacturers and their products, fabrication techniques, finish requirements, and ability to deliver quality products on schedule and per budget
• Review shop drawings and samples to ensure drawings and finishes match specifications
• Consider applicable codes and operational needs for products being designed and specified
• Apply knowledge of fabrication techniques for all FF&E and how to achieve a wide array of designs when creating detailed specs for fabrication
• Quickly locate and select systems and materials due to in-depth knowledge of products and vendors
Client Skills
• Be experienced in both renovation and new construction, and comfortable and confident in the role of project leader in external team meetings with Clients, the Client’s management team, architects, engineers, contractors, purchasing agents, and signage contractors; participate in related group conversations as a valuable, informed and creative,
• Conduct site visits for project photography, construction progress review, and quality control investigation and updates; flag critical issues and alert team members; produce notes.
• Troubleshoot problems on site and make recommendations to correct and move the project forward without compromising design intent; hand-sketch solutions on site that take into consideration all the areas that will be impacted; obtain approval for design changes when needed
• Ensure all meetings are documented with meeting minutes copied to all members involved in the process; update the project binders with RFI responses and field directives accordingly
• Hold agents accountable to deliver quality work by following through on all potential problems, quality issues, and fabrication problems until they are completely resolved
Technical Skills
• Demonstrate advanced skill in CAD (including layering), 2-D and 3-D digital graphics
• Methods of construction and correct uses in interiors and installation
• Appropriate as well as stylish architectural materials and finishes that are in line with budget, usage, and project design goals
• Product cost and availability, as well as their specific applications, to ensure they fit within set budgets and schedules
• Architectural and structural needs such as beams, columns, and load-bearing walls tying elements to structure
• Mechanical systems and their basic needs including ductwork, thermostat locations, air returns, output grills, HVAC units, baseboard heating, sprinkler heads, and related building code and required locations
• Electrical systems, circuitry, panels, conduits, existing power availability, and the power and cabling needs for TV, speakers and subwoofers, phones, internet connections, electronic door locks, lighting, hairdryers, bathroom fans, makeup mirrors, and other restroom accessories
• Lighting design, placement, functionality, budget needs, and connection needs, as well as effective use of natural light
• Demonstrate understanding of when external professionals need to be consulted in order to ensure the design is viable and confirm what modifications may need to be made


• AutoCAD applications- Photoshop – Primavera.
• Be extensively and progressively responsible experience in planning, designing and managing design and construction of major multi used complex projects
• includes extensive experience in design and construction of housing, schools, and mixed used buildings.
• Knowledge of design and construction management principles; includes CPM scheduling, cost control, change order pricing/negotiation and construction techniques, standards and practices.
• have Knowledge of architectural design principles such as building definition materials and methods, urban design, elements of ‘good’ design, form, function, materials and methods, circulation, context, and design standards and codes.
• have the Ability to independently prepare architectural procedures and forms
• demonstrate ability to present complex information to diverse audiences, both verbally and graphically.
• have the Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships.
• have demonstrated ability to organize and coordinate projects.
• Excellent negotiation and communication skills
• Bilingual (Arabic & English )
• Bachelor’s /master’s in architecture
• PMP – LEED or other green building certificate (Preferable)
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• Min 10-15 years in Design capacity (directly in charge of producing designs)
• Design Consultant background
• Knowledge in local codes and regulations (Amanah, Planning Department)
• Previous experience in Towers, Villa compounds, and general knowledge of Master planning (from a regulatory requirement point of view)

About the Company

Headquartered in Riyadh, Rafal Real Estate Company was founded in late 2007, with the objective of developing distinguished communities with unique lifestyle, offering both, clients and Investors, a real opportunity to live and invest in style.

RAFAL is owned by leading business groups in KSA; namely, A. K. Al Muhaidib & Sons Co., Ibrahim A. Abunayyan & Bros Co., and Arabian Tawazon for Commercial Investment Co. Ltd.