Dental X-Ray Technician Job in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi


Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Ref: RP040-438

Job description / Role

Duties and Responsibilities:

Taking x-ray images of the patients and developing the films for diagnosis
Ensuring the safety of patients and employees by using protective instruments and exercising safety measures
Controlling the x-ray video display and making sure that the picture quality is upto the mark by making appropriate contrast and density adjustments
Stabilizing the patients and ensuring preparedness by educating them about the entire procedure, appropriately positioning them, and covering them with protective clothing
Representing latest techniques, equipment, and procedures to educate the staff about them
Studying the x-rays, computerized specimens, and video tapes to create a detailed report of the findings and present them to the Dentist
Arranging timely servicing of the radiographic equipment and making minor repairs
Evaluating the dimension of the area to be radiographed
Making copies of the x-rays and keeping a precise record of the patients who have undergone the imaging procedure
Coordinating the work schedules and purchase of the required instruments


The Dental X-Ray Technicians hold sound expertise in handling and maintaining the x-ray machines and other related instruments. These instruments are used to develop x-rays and prepare accurate reports of the medical findings which are discussed with the doctors for interpretation and executing further medical action

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Must have relevant qualifications
Experience with dental diagnostic equipment and dental x-rays, essential
Minimum 3 years experience as a Dental X-Ray Technician

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