Demi Moore puts relationships over work

Demi Moore

Los Angeles: Actress Demi Moore says she has changed her life and shifted her priorities over the last seven years. The 56-year-old actress opened up about it while speaking to Gwyneth Paltrow and Arianna Huffington at the 2019 In Goop Health summit, reports

Moore said she has shifted her priorities to refocus on her health and the people around her in the “last seven years”.

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“My relationships are more important, and what I do comes second,” she said.She no longer looks outwards for validation. “What does it matter what anyone thinks?” she said. “Nothing is that bad.”

This new outlook came after “my health took me down”, Moore said, referencing her 2012 collapse at her home. The mother of three was hospitalized after the incident and entered a rehab treatment for addiction and an eating disorder.