Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company may have all-ladies wing to target women

dawood anjali

In the murky dealing of the Underworld, there has been one unwritten rule that almost every gang has long abided by – keeping women and families out of conflict. Now, all of that may be all set to change.

According to sources, Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company has formed a ‘Ladies Wing’ to carry out operations where women are the primary and secondary targets. Investigating agencies have reportedly intercepted phone calls which have revealed that members of this special branch of the notorious gang are being used to extort money from women regularly and that the operatives keep Dawood updated at all times regarding their work and special ‘missions.’

It is learnt that Dawood’s close aide Chhota Shakeel has assigned the responsibility of the wing to one of his own close aide named Usman. “The revelation is quite shocking. I had never heard something like during my stint in the police force. It is evident from these details that Dawood is now desperate to keep his extortion business floating,”former IPS officer PK Jain told Zee News.

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Suspicions about the ladies wing within D-Company became more certain when a woman filed a complaint at the Khar Police Station saying Rs 1 crore had been demanded of her from phone numbers based in Pakistan. She was also threatened with severe consequences if she did not pay the amount.

The focus on including women targets comes at a time when D-Company is appearing to move away from its tried-and-tested methods of functioning and looking at other ways of spreading its illicit and illegal business of fear. Recently, it was reported that Dawood had switched to Bitcoins and that a large part of his business was now being moved away from conventional currencies. (Read full report here)


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