Concrete Floor Strippers-Makes life easier in construction world

Concrete Floor Strippers

Concrete floor strippers are the instrument or solutions used to remove concrete stain or sealers from the floor or to cut the heavy concrete building materials. By adopting this in construction filed helps in the reduction of manpower and in saving time too.

There are various types of concrete floor strippers out of all only chemical strippers and mechanical stripper is famous in construction world. But this method can be implemented only if you have sufficient equipment and under the guidance of expertise in this filed.

Chemical stripping is harmless for environment and leaves less or no mark compared to mechanical stripper work on completed concrete. This kind of striping can be used when you don’t want to change the concrete surface. Chemical stripper which are used frequently are solvent based and contain Methylene chloride and water based alkaline materials. Alkaline is not used to remove decorative concretes.

Biochemical strippers are brand new chemical stripper which is growing in construction industry at present. They are made out of natural ingredients like soya oil, Pinesap and citrus tree. This will help in taking most of coatings, but you need to apply many times to get higher performance. Since this is made out of renewable sources the chemical reaction is minimal.

Mechanical stripper is a technique used to erode a floor by shot-blasting, grinding, sandblasting and scarifying. Shot- blasting is the most aggressive and used to remove acrylic coating. Never make short blasting too deep, the uneven surface created by this can cause problem.

Sandblasting is also aggressive method for removing tough coatings, and it is acceptable in for outdoor projects and in untenanted indoor space.

Scarifying method is as similar as grinding, but the machine in scarifying contains star cutter which will break the surface below in three dimensions and the machine looks like grinder. This is widely used to remove tough coating materials like mastics nonskid coatings etc.

The most commonly and widely used mechanical technique to remove coatings is grinding. It is the first step in polishing concrete floor and also it is used to profile the concrete surface for a veneer or epoxy. Grinding machines are normally made out of metallic diamond tools which are used to break solid building materials like granite, marble and sometime even to grind concrete and stone too. Sealers removal is strain full job, if you do not have correct equipment and tools it might create hazard.

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