No matter where you are, your concrete takes a lot of abuse.Big victims of such abuse are concrete pavements, parking lots or your common drive through. Oil, rust and Graffiti on walls are also the most common problem which are faced. Now imagine you have put a lot of your hard work, your hard earned money into construction and then all of a sudden when you get to see those stains, you think now it over and that it cannot be corrected. Well! You will be happy to know that it can be corrected and we have your solution.

After a lot of research, the alkaline degreaser has a very high efficiency in removing grease and oil from the affected area. Our Chemical cleaning products emulsify the oil and with the help of hot water, it helps to completely flush away the oil from the surface.

Same way if a concrete wall has been affected by rust then Cleaners containing oxalic acid are most effective. In case of graffiti, it’s the tough task to remove. Our citrus-based solvent, methylene chloride, or potassium hydroxide which are the key ingredients are the most helpful agents. They are safest to use and often have less-stringent disposal requirements.

Now understanding what different clears are to be used holds a lot of importance as it can save a lot of money time and effort for any of your cleaning concerns. There is a wide variety which is designed to remove contamination from stains.

Alkaline Cleaners

These concrete degreasers are most often used to eradicate Hydrocarbon- based stains,grease and oil stains in concrete.  Alkaline cleaners typically come as concentrates and are diluted with water. Agitation or scrubbing to work the cleaner into the oil stain is critical for good results. Applying the cleaner full strength for deep or older stains, and dilute it for newer stains that haven’t penetrated far can be made to enter tough locations. Allowing enough time for the cleaner to work that too depending oil stain’s type and depth.

Acidic Cleaners

Those stains, dirt, and contamination that is soluble in an acidic solution. They are especially effective for removing efflorescence from concrete.As the name suggests they have acids as the active ingredient which comes in ready-to-use formulations and concentrated and with the help of scrubbing after application helps to remove stubborn stains.It neutralizes the concrete after cleaning with an acid-based cleaner, later can be washed by water.

PH-Neutral Cleaners

These are designed for removing stains from the interior of sealed concrete surfaces. They are typically concentrates have to be diluted with some amounts of water, depending on the level of cleaning required or it can be saturated as per the requirement, followed by scrubbing or light agitation. Later here also, can be rinsed easily by water.

Enzymatic/Bacterial Cleaners

These are the newest types of concrete cleaners which use organic chemistry and active enzymes to attack, break down, and in some cases digest stains and contamination. These cleaners do not require water for activation, and therefore most of the times there is no residue left to wash away.

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