China flexes muscles near border with India, Tibet; gives a warning to US

China flexes muscles near border with India, Tibet; gives a warning to US

Just months after the tussle with India over Doklam, China is flexing its muscles once again. In a brazen display of its military might, the neighbouring country has stationed its fighter jets and warships near Tibet.

The deployment, which is reportedly 20 per cent more than the usual, comes at a time when there the airspace in the area is not supposed to be used.

According to reports, China has deployed as many as 51 fighter jets in the region, of which eight are in Lhasa Gonggar area. Apart from this, air missile system along with 22 MI-17 helicopters have also been stationed near Tibet by China.

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With this move of China, there are surface-to-air missiles currently stationed near India-Tibet border. In Rikaze area, there are 18 aircraft and 11 MI-17 unmanned aerial vehicles. Jets have also been deployed in area close to Sikkim sector.

Amid this military movement, China also asked US to get out of the cold-war era mindset, even as it said that its military might should not be ascertained any lesser. The statement by China came after the US said that it will work to increase its nuclear-weapons capability.

In a statement released by China Defence Ministry, China asked US to work towards promoting peace and development.


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