Chhath Puja: Now get Ghaat location on mobile with this app

Chhath Puja

The Patna administration has launched a mobile application to help devotees during Chhath Puja. Though it’s not a new app, it is certainly an upgraded one with helplines and GPS services.

The app – Chhath Puja Patna – will help devotees in many ways. One can find the distance of Chhath Ghaat from their home using this application. Apart from this, the app will also help the devotees get details of amenities and services available at the site of worship.

According to a local report, the mobile application mentions which Ghaats are safe and which are not safe for devotees.

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It has been designed keeping into consideration the needs of those coming to the Bihar capital from outside for Chhath puja celebration. Those not well versed with the city and river banks can use this mobile application for every information they need.

Apart from GPS services, the app also has a list of all major helpline and contact numbers. Mobile numbers of senior officials from district administration, police, health services and civic bodies are also available on the application.

The mobile application also has songs and videos related to Chhath Puja.


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