Chemical Floor Hardeners and Densifiers – The Perfect Way to Make Your Surface Rough and Tough!


hard concrete densifiersWhile the flooring done in most of the places is something that’s hard, yet has a shine to it, giving the room that perfect look- be that at home, workplace, even coffee shops. However, there are certain places where such things would just not work, such as fire brigades, warehouses, car repair centers, and chemical industries that require a surface that’s hard enough to withstand the pressure of machinery, chemicals, and even the constant to and fro of cars and fire brigade trucks, thereby making it sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear. In order to do so, we require chemical floor hardeners as well as hard concrete densifiers.
To begin with, a chemical floor hardener is used to provide extra toughness to one’s floor, while providing up to 800% resistance towards abrasion of concrete. A chemical floor hardener is available in a host of categories such as pure carborundum based non-metallic floor hardener, liquid hardener, non-metallic floor hardener, metallic floor hardener, heavy duty metallic floor hardener and carborundum based non-metallic floor hardener. Having the floor resistant to abrasion so makes the floor withstand rough and harsh usage, without causing cracks or damages. Along with that, it minimizes the porosity of the floor, making it dust- proof.
Many times, we come across floor surfaces that are too porous, thereby making it difficult to clean and maintain it. In that case, hard concrete densifiers are used. A hard concrete densifier is a chemical that is applied on to the concrete surfaces in order to fill up the pores and gaps that are there on the surface, thereby increasing the density of the surface. Hard concrete densifiers can be used on both, polished as well as non- polished surface.
Using densifiers on polished surface helps a polished concrete in getting a better shine to it. In a polished concrete, the surface should be smooth and running in uniformity. However, at certain stages, the surface would still have excess water which makes the surface weak by increasing the water to cement ratio. Therefore, hard concrete densifiers are used not just to smoothen out the surface, but also to absorb the excess water and create cementitious material, which strengthens the surface.
For non-polished concrete surfaces, hard concrete densifiers are used to reduce the dusting, thereby improving stain resistance


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