Change to Concrete Cleaned Floors for a smooth floor

concrete polished floors

Polished concrete is a great flooring choice which is shiny, sleek and easy to maintain. Nowadays people prefer concrete polished floors for decorating their interiors.

Polished concrete are quick to install at homes and they are not so expensive. They also do not need extra maintenance for retaining their smoothness. Earlier, concrete polished surfaces where mostly seen in malls, big offices and shopping areas but nowadays, everyone has switched to concrete polishing.

Concrete Polished Solutions

For polishing a surface concrete, lots of equipment and techniques are adopted. Concrete polishing machines which include concrete grinder and many more are available in the market.

The grinders which have a skirt and a vacuum must be preferred as they can collect the dust particles which are generated while polishing the floor. There are lots of machines which have an inbuilt liquid dispenser.

Results of concrete floor polishing

After polishing the floor concrete the customers will get to see the following results:

  • The floor which is polished will be flatter than earlier. This floor allows water vapor to pass through it.
  • The floor is not slippery despite of being very smooth and shiny. The coefficient of the friction is really good in these floors.
  • Air quality of the surface is improved.
  • The hardness of the concrete is improved using a concrete hardener.
  • The maintenance of the floor is not a hectic job all you need is water and a good quality floor cleaning product.
  • During winters the concrete surface works as a thermal storage medium since it radiates heat from the surface.

Benefits of concrete polished floors

Concrete polished floors are undoubtedly better than the others. They are not expensive and like the marbled and the tiled floors.

There are more benefits of such floors as mentioned below:

  • To clean these floors is really easy. A simple sweep and scrub would do the work.
  • It is perfect for truck traffic since the tyre marks of the truck do not generally affect these floors. The wax coated or painted floors very easily get scratched by the tyres.
  • Concrete floors are environment friendly since they eliminate the use of additional coverings like wax and paints.
  • Concrete is a natural product which does not have odor or chemicals in it. It is also dust free. The concrete if laid on the floor can breathe.

Therefore, it is wiser to choose concrete floor polishing since it is durable and shiny at the same time. These floors require minimal maintenance and give you a mirror-like surface for years. Switch to concrete polished floors and make your home a beautiful place.