Care For Your Flooring? Get The Best Scrubber Pads

floor scrubber pads

One look at spotless, sparkling gleaming flooring might make you jealous of having for yourself. Why not, now you can too have glossy finished flooring without spending huge. Also, this task can be handled yourself, as the floor scrubbing machines are easily available on rentals and there is no rocket science when it comes to operating. However; if you think that the scrubber machine would be often used and you do not wish to go through the hassles of renting, you can make a smaller investing of owing one.

You need to know that floor scrubber pads are the one that plays a vital role in making your floor shine. Not only you need to see which scrubbing machine would be the right fit for you, but you have to be equally careful in choosing right scrubber pads.

With so many options available today, it can be difficult to know which option is best for your needs:

Makes of Scrubbing pads

Majority of the scrubbing pads are made out of resbin binders, abrasive and fibers. Resin pads are made up from bio-based agricultural and plant materials, the pad material is renewable and it is less polluting. Binder pads are made out of non-renewable materials; however you will find some are water based make making them more eco-friendly.  Abrasive pads have mildly aggressive fibers which are used for daily spray buffing.

Floor Scrubber Pads and Colors

Floor scrubber pads are available in different colors which indicate the applications for which they are best suited. Darker shades indicate increasing aggressiveness. Tan and polishing are most often used for polishing, red is the shade for spray buffing, blue is appropriate for burnishing and cleaning, green is ideal for scrubbing, brown is best for dry scrubbing and black is ideal for stripping.

Scrubbing pad designs

Scrubbing pads may look the same, but each one has unique working pattern. To choose the right one, have one with open and wider web design. This will help remove the dust and soil easily from the floor. Look for the pad that has a better resiliency, you can check by pinching its edge between your index finger and thumb. If the pad bounces back immediately you can know that it is made out of good quality material and will last longer.

Floor surfaces and scrubber pads

Floor finish must also be considered when choosing floor scrubber pads. Softer surfaces require smoother pads, while harder surfaces require rougher pads. For example, diamond floor pads are appropriate for concrete floor use but would not do well on laminate floors.

It is important that you do thorough research when you out buying and making a substantial investment. With the wrong scrubbing pad you might damage the flooring surface and getting it done professionally will cost you a lot of money. Pad selection for your flooring requires paying attention as there are new types of floor cleaning solutions available and used to clean and maintain floors.

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