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Al Baddad Capital

Location: Dubai, UAE
Ref: QP300-42

Job description / Role

• Obtain and organize renewal of various company licenses and submission of various applications to all local government agencies such as Ministry of Immigration, MOL, Civil Defense, Trade License, Economic Department, etc.
• Manage the overall timely renewal of Employment Visas and Work Permits
• Assist employees in the application/renewal of visas for their immediate families
• Organize employees for all the needed medical related formalities required for visa stamping.
• Represent Albaddad at locations such as the Police Station, Jail, Airport, Hotels, Embassies, Ministries/Municipalities and other significant Departments and in accordance with services such as mobile & landline phone services (connections/disconnections/repairs), mail, electricity
• Accompany the employee as they exit the country.
• Monitor employee documents and send employees a notification on documentation required prior to their visa/labor card expiring.
• Assist the company and the employees with visa arrangements in Embassies
• Maintain database of all passports and residence visas by scanning all documents and directly updating the database when details change.
• Maintain and update the Free Zone site on a regular basis by checking for expiry on CEC /gate pass/export licenses /portal accounts and ensure to manage the minimum required fund on the portal.
• Submit detailed reports related to visa expenses to the finance department.
• To submit required documentation to the banks and process bank transactions as advised by the Regional Finance Manager.

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• This position exists for providing services related to government regulations and approvals in a timely manner.
• Preferably Bachelor’s Degree with minimum 5 years of PR experience in the UAE in an officer or supervisory position.

About the Company

Albaddad group has been established in Abu Dhabi 1971 by the founder “Hussain Albaddad” to supply the requirements of the tents from the royal family that time and other official authorities in addition to the individual clients. Continued by the second generation of Albaddad who manage the company and develop it according to the highest world standardisation that made Albaddad group ranked number one worldwide.

Second generation of Albaddad family found that the need of establishing factories for prefabricated units, Aluminum, glass, technology, steel and steel structures in addition to the garden furniture and many other companies which diversity the business sectors and products.