Beautify Your Concrete Floor!

Epoxy Floor Coatings

While deciding on the flooring of the house, one usually goes through a plethora of options before zeroing down on the ideal flooring. In such cases, one rarely thinks of using concrete flooring, as it is generally thought of as cold, unappealing, and drab; and that there is no shine in it, giving it a more prison-like feel. However, using polish and enhancers would change the dull and drab look of the floor completely, thereby giving it that lustrous sheen and adding elegance to the area.

In order to enhance the look of the plain concrete floor, one must have three main items, namely- Floor Burnishing Pads, Chemical Floor Hardeners, and Epoxy Floor Coatings.

With time, our things ought to get dull, be that the things we use daily, or our furniture. A lesser-known fact is that even our floor gets dull during the years. In order to remove the dirt, the finishing that’s wearing-off, scrubbing and even buffing of the floor, we use Floor Burnishing Pads. These aggressively clean your floor by wiping out all the dirt, thereby making it shine and giving it a smooth and even finish.

Epoxy Floor Coatings is a thermosetting resin applied in areas like garages, where there is further wear and tear of the concrete flooring. Due to use of oil, grease, the floor gets damaged. However, with its application, the surface becomes resistant to chipping, tyre-marks, and chemicals. Also, in snowy climates, road salts and brines get collected even in the interiors, and by using epoxy floor coatings one just needs to broom the area to clean it up!

Another concrete floor enhancer is Chemical Floor Hardeners.

As the name suggests, chemical floor hardeners make the surface hard to make it resistant to abrasions and impact. Admixtures are fused with the chemical hardeners which, when applied to the floor forms a hard bond. This is generally used in places such as Hangars, Mills, Textile Factories, Flammable Product Storages, and Printing Factories, wherein the anti-spark flooring is required.

In addition to the entire process, one may also use a concrete stripper to remove stains, sealers, or paint. The stripper consists of a concentrated liquid formula, and has a series of techniques for its use.

Therefore, by using concrete floors, one can change the entire look of the area, without having to take the additional burden of the costs as well as the maintenance.