Basic Computer Tips & Tricks to learn

Basic Computer Tips & Tricks to learn
Computers simplify our lives in a better way, and learning new tips and tricks can generally make that further easier. Here are some of the basic computer tricks you may sometimes forget to take the advantage of. Using such tips can make your work productive and faster, and these tricks can make you better PC users too.
General Tricks
Problem Steps Recorder
The handy tool allows you to record mouse clicks and take the screenshots. Go to Run and type “psr”. While you use the tool, you will be sending the compiled information to the user helping you with the issue. This will help you with your processes in finding the issue easily, and you will be able to run the system faster
Find/Delete large files wasting space
WinDirStat (Windows Directory Statistics) Tool comes in handy when you are in search of the files and folders which are availing much of your storage space on the Drive. Further, you can delete such files and get the storage space.
Reduce numerous programs running at startup
 If your computer is taking much of the time to boot, you may perhaps be running too many tasks at the startup. Reducing asks can make your PC run faster. For reducing the programs, Go to Run, type “msconfig.” A small window comes up and click Startup tab. You can now turn off many startup programs, for reducing the boot time.
Cloud backup Files
When you’re working on significant projects, it’s always better to back up your file not just locally. Use the services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or other popular cloud storage solutions. You can also save the files on thumb drive or external HDD, but backing up to the cloud can be advantageous.
Web Browser Tricks
Automatically add www. and .com to URL- Click CTRL + Enter after you type the name of the site on the tab to automatically go to the site, saving a couple of seconds without adding ,.com or www.
Switch to Address Bar – Switch directly to the address bar from anywhere in your browser by pressing CTRL + L, F6, and ALT + D to reach the site.
Open closed Tab- If you wish to open your last closed tab or when you have accidentally closed it, click CTRL + Shift + T to reopen and get back to the process.
Private Browsing- Click CTRL + Shift + N to directly launch a new private tab in Chrome while press CTRL + Shift + P to launch new tab in Firefox and Internet Explorer. This will not save your history or cookies.
Switch through Open Tabs- Click CTRL + TAB in the browser to flip through all the tabs. It can be faster than opting for the mouse and clicking on a tab. You can also press CTRL + NUM (1, 2, 3, 4, n..) for switching you to certain tab in that numeric order.