At Rs 12 crore, gold-plated and diamond-studded Harley becomes world’s costliest bike


ROver several decades, Harley Davidson bikes have created a niche for themselves. Countless biking enthusiasts swear by their performance, looks and the overall stature that they bring with it. Indian biking enthusiasts are no different in their opinion about these bikes but not everyone can perhaps afford the rather high price tag. And that price tag recently became out rightly exorbitant when a gold-plated Harley was unveiled in Switzerland.

The asking price? 1.5 million Euros or Rs 12 crore!

Before one begins to elaborate the sheer audacity to have that sort of a price tag – pause. It is not out rightly for sale and there is only one in the world.

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Called Harley-Davidson Blue Edition, the astronomical price is mostly because the bike comes with several gold-plated parts and with 360 diamonds ornamenting its body. Dozens of other precious stones too have been added all around to give it a stunningly regal appearance.

It is reported that the bike was commissioned by Bucherer – a luxury Swiss watch company which was looking to promote its Blue Edition watches. It took 2500 hours – from design to production – in a span of a year to complete the project.

So, while it is almost certain that even Swiss roads won’t ever really see this Blue beauty bombarding across it, the world’s most expensive bike is a tag that would remain. Till of course, someone else decides to do something even ‘whackier.’