Apple is sourcing higher-capacity, single-cell L-shaped batteries from LG: Report

Apple is sourcing higher-capacity, single-cell L-shaped batteries from LG Report

Fresh reports on Apple’s 2018 plans indicate that the iPhone maker is preparing to use L-shaped batteries in its upcoming iPhones.

The L-shaped battery will be a single cell battery, which means that it will hold more charge and charge faster than the current configuration in the iPhone X. The iPhone X uses two rectangular batteries in an ‘L’ configuration.

The iPhone X also introduced a two-layer PCB (printed circuit board), which freed up more space for a larger battery in a smaller phone. It was initially expected that Apple would not bother with a multi-layered PCB for its upcoming phones owing to supply and cost issues. It’s not yet clear if Apple will use a similar design in upcoming iPhones.

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A report in The Investor states that Apple is looking to diversify RFPCB production (rigid flexible PCB) as well. This is an essential component for enabling Apple to use OLED displays in its phone, says The Investor. The website also claims to have sources who state that Apple will source single-cell L-shaped batteries from LG Chem.

LG is also expected to pitch in with its own displays, likely supplying OLED panels for a larger, 6.46-inch iPhone. Samsung is expected to continue producing displays for the 5.8-inch iPhone as well as a new 5.85-inch iPhone.


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