Android Oreo Go Edition: Everything you want to know about the OS


New Delhi: In a bid to increase Internet adoption in the country, Google has unveiled its lightweight operating system (OS) as Android Oreo (Go Edition) for smartphones with lower specifications.

The company will also gradually roll out a suite of its popular “lightweight” apps that will include Google Go, Google Maps Go, YouTube Go, Gmail Go, Google Assistant Go, Files Go, Gboard, Chrome and Google Play Store.

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Here’s everything you want to know about the OS

  • Android Oreo Go is essentially made for entry-level Android smartphones with less than 1GB RAM.
  • It uses less storage space, less memory and still runs smoothly.
  • Originally announced at Google I/O 2017 annual developer conference, this OS is a toned down version of the latest Android Oreo OS which is currently present in high-end devices.
  • The new OS and pre-installed apps have been optimised to take up 50 percent less space that would double the amount of available storage on entry-level devices.
  • Android Go is the most secure version of Android till date with features such as Google Play Protect.
  • It uses system and Cloud-based scanning to verify apps downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • Play Protect features around-the-clock device scanning and keeps the device protected even when it is offline.
  • The scans are optimised for low data consumption.
  • Low-end smartphones running Android Oreo Go will also come with Google’s “data saver” feature turned on by default.
  • “Data Saver” feature in Chrome browser saves the user more than 600MB of data per year.
  • The user can also manage which apps can use background data with the built-in feature, giving them more control over how data is used.


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