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First things first. A chemical floor hardener is nothing but a blend of components, usually comprising of finely graded silica, Portland cement along with one or two wetting agents. Floor hardeners are often used to increase the overall strength of the concrete floor while decreasing its porosity to a great extent. The phenomenon of the functioning of a floor hardenerlies in the fact that the hardening agent combines with the free lime in the concrete to form a gel-like substance, essentially known as C-S-H gel. This ensures that the overall sturdiness of the floor is increased by manifolds, and any wear and tear are thereby easily averted.

In today’s times, the use of hardening agents is witnessing an unparalleled growth thanks to the ‘color’ aspect. In this case, shake -on color hardeners are used. These hardeners usually comprise of a blend of pigments. In fact, it has become rather convenient for one to find a wide array of colors in this segment. Also referred to as cement coloring agents, when mixed into fresh concrete the chemical hardeners offer lasting results.
Given that the floor hardeners are availed in the form of pigments and are hand mixed with fresh concrete, more often than not, it is the top surface that exonerates the color rather than the entire mix.

The dry chemical floor hardeners are used by contractors as well as interior designers who aim to offer the construction with a distinct visual appeal, while also concentrating on setting up a strong foundation. These are used to create concrete overlays as a way of ensuring sharper imprints. One of the most appealing aspects of using the color hardeners is that they offer more robust tones when compared to integral pigments, thus ensuring great value for money. It is for this reason that they prove to be the better alternative when it comes to the protection and restoration of the exterior slabs. Not only they ensure a greater aesthetic value for the exteriors but also protects the same from uncalled for abrasions due to unfavorable temperatures.

Simply put, chemical floor hardeners do a great job at densifying the surface of the concrete such that it gains more strength and eventually becomes resistant to everyday wear. The hardening agents also make the concrete less permeable, to moisture as well as to harmful chemicals, thus increasing the overall longevity of the floor.

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