AI can detect Alzheimer’s six years before diagnosis

AI can detect Alzheimer's six years before diagnosis

San Francisco: In a revolutionary study, researchers have discovered that artificial intelligence could help detect Alzheimer`s diseases from brain scans much before actual diagnosis happens.Researchers at UC said that by the time a definitive diagnosis is made for Alzheimer`s, too many neurons are dead already, making it essentially irreversible.

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So the researchers built a machine learning algorithm that studies brain scans to diagnose early-stage Alzheimer`s before a clinical diagnosis could be made, Fast Company reported.

The AI was able to correctly identify 92 per cent of patients who developed Alzheimer`s in the first test set and 98 per cent in the second test set, making correct predictions on an average of six years before the patient received diagnosis.The early diagnosis could help doctors treat the degenerative disease much before it becomes difficult to contain.