A quick guide to floor burnishing pad


The best way to get your floor shine is through high-quality burnishing. All of the work is done with the help of an arotary machine that includes turning speed of 100rpm, but it is commonly done at a rate of 1500 to 2000rpm. Floor burnishing pad is helpful because of two reasons. Firstly, it helps in keeping the floor shine and secondly, also makes it easier to clean. This is because it smooth’s out all the scratches on the floor that removes all the dirt.
There are different types of pads that can be used, but most common are light tan or natural fibers incorporated in the weave of the pads material. All these fibers are horse hair or hog and add more scrap to the process to aggressively smooth the floor. The other pads that can be used are tan or white pads.
Some of the rules that should be kept in mind before burnishing the floor:

  • Dust first to burnish the floor finish: All this remove the smallest dust particle that can come in the pad and damage the floor. The things like pencil, rock, candy, etc. can be dangerous when flung from high speed.
  • It is necessary first to clean the floor: While burnishing, any thermal that occurs, soil on the floor will get melted into the finish. Scrub; grind the finish to remove the burnish until the dangerous layers are gone.
  • Change your pad continuously: For the floor polishing success, it is important to burnish with the clean When too much dirt gets attached to it, it started getting melted on the floor. Therefore, it is a better idea to change it more often.
  • Move: Burnishes need to keep moving as holding that at the one place will burn the floor.
  • Dust after burnishing: If your burnisher has the option of dust control, it is necessary to dust from the vacuum cleaner after burnishing.Floor Burnishing Pad

There are three kinds of floor burnishing pad that include:
1Battery: These kinds of burnishers are the best choice if you are concerned about the noise volume. They are very easily operated.
2Cord Electric: These burnishers are powered by an electrical cord that is plugged into the wall and is best for the smaller areas.
3Propane: This is the most powerful from all of them as it is used as an engine that is fuelled by the propane gas.


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