6 Simple ways to enhance your travel experience

6 Simple ways to enhance your travel experience

Have you travelled, made mistakes, and regularly came back with the feeling that you could have done more on your trip? Well, we all have. Below are six simple ways to make the most of your trip and pull off a more enjoyable, fulfilling holiday.

1. Be selective in your activities

One of the most common mistakes people do during their travel is to turn their vacation into an exhausting journey by crafting an itinerary with too many activities. The solution? Always make a reasonable itinerary and spend more time exploring fewer activities, thereby creating a more intimate travel experience.

Take your time touring and exploring a local neighborhood, get to know the local culture, sit and relax in an authentic cafe, as opposed to following a hasty schedule that leaves you exhausted with few hours of sleep.

2. Join a Hotel Rewards Program

Make the most of your travels by joining a hotel rewards program and benefit from a world of privileges that will make a big difference to your holidays. A Marriott Rewards member, for example, enjoys freedom of free Wi-Fi, mobile check-in, late checkout, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and lowest rates all the time.

Also with Marriott, you can use points at over 4300 properties in 125 countries, across 18 unique and iconic global brands from luxury to roadside and extended-stay hotels like Ritz-Carlton, EDITION Hotels, Autograph Collection, Renaissance Hotels, AC Hotels, Marriott Hotels and many more.

3. Don’t rely too heavily on reviews.

We are all TripAdvisor addicts. The first thing we do if we want to try a new place is to check the reviews online. But from experience, reviews are very subjective and experiences differ from one person to another. Slow down on your obsession with reading the reviews about everything because it can sometimes backfire and trust your gut.

4. Hire a guide

Want to make the most of your visit? Consider hiring a guide. The idea that guided tours are an activity for amateur tourists is very naïve. Hiring a guide could be the best move you make on your next vacation. Tour guides can add a lot to your experience, giving you more insights on the country’s culture, history and people.

5. Travel during low season

Big crowds and queues can ruin the mood of a well-planned vacation. Standing in line for three hours to visit your favorite museum, and the next thing you know you’re late for the show you were planning to see leaving you stressed and running.

The best solution is to consider traveling during low season whenever you can. The weather probably won’t be optimal, but the upside is that prices for airfare and hotel stays will be low. And best of all, you’ll get to see more in less time.

6. Be Relaxed

You are on vacation so why stress? Enjoy the present, be patient and remember to not let the challenges of being a foreigner is a new country get to you. You’re on vacation after all, so take it all in.


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