3 Handy Tools for Transforming plainly polished Concrete Floors


Concrete floors that are nicely ground and polished have a very drab appeal. Enhancers will add colour, sheen, and resilience to newly polished Concrete Floors. Floor Burnishing Pads, Epoxy Floor Coatings, and Chemical Floor Hardeners are three tools to get the right look and feel for your floor after spending a good number of hours grinding and polishing it to the right degree. Round, heavy-duty Floor Burnishing Pads scrub off old wax and coatings to ready it for fresh ones. An Epoxy Floor Coating is applied on to newly polished concrete floors to give it a professional look and to toughen it up against external damage. Lastly, a Chemical Floor Hardener is added to protect new floors in places that make it susceptible to use and abuse, wear, and tear.
These 3 tools are a handyman’s must-haves while performing Floor Polishing and Grinding work. Not only are they crucial for further enhancement of the polished floor, they also improve resilience and strength for long endurance. Floor Burnishing Pads work well for dry as well as wet applications and result in a glossy, shiny look for your floor. They are designed for heavy duty use and will perform consistently throughout their lifetime. Floor Burnishing Pads also come in different types depending on the floor finish and the degree of smoothness. An Epoxy Coating for your floor essentially eliminates all possibilities of damage from external abuse. It covers minor discrepancies on the Concrete Floor like Spider Cracks and repels dust. Garages and Factories located at snowy places will do well with Epoxy Floor Coatings because it becomes easy to clean ice brine and road salts off them. Before the Epoxy Coating is applied, it is prepared to accept it by methods like Floor Grinding, Shot Blasting, or Acid Etching. Chemical Floor Hardeners are added to Concrete Floors for their abrasion and wear resistant properties. Together with admixtures, they form a material which when applied to the top of hard, wet concrete forms a hard bond with it. Industrial areas where heavy traffic is constant like loading bays, repair workshops, machine shops, ramps, warehouse floors and factories see very high need for Chemical Floor Hardeners to be mixed on the Concrete Floor.
Concrete Floors are inexpensive, strong, and attractive floor alternatives to marble, or granite. With the right tools, you can turn any dull looking Concrete Floor into a welcoming and professional one.

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